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14th Jul 2017

We bloody well knew Conor McGregor had plans to box again

At least he was honest

Patrick McCarry

Conor McGregor has four fights left on his UFC contract so this won’t be easy. However, money often talks.

Dublin-Los Angeles-Toronto-Brooklyn and London to come. You could tell, last night, that the hectic world tour was wearing on Conor McGregor.

After he served Floyd Mayweather Jr up in Toronto, McGregor was strangely subdued at the Barclays Center (sic) in Brooklyn. There was little strange about it, in fact. He was completely sapped. He admitted:

“It’s getting to this stage where it’s like, ‘Right, let’s get this f**king thing wrapped up now’.”

The final leg awaits at Wembley Arena, London. McGregor can’t wait to get at Mayweather in the boxing ring but he will have six more weeks to wait.

For the very first time, last night, we heard McGregor talk of boxing as a career choice rather than a once-off spectacle. He commented:

“After I K.O Floyd, maybe I’ll make him come to me. For the rematch, he must fight me in an MMA fight… but I’ll probably still come back to boxing. It’s alright over here!”

McGregor continued: “Eventually, I’m going to run Showtime too. Because if they want me to come back to the boxing game after I spark Floyd. Once Floyd is gone – Floyd don’t have much time left – then who have Showtime got? They’ve got to dump him and come after me.

“They better get used to it, get their act together and be careful with how they treat me.”

McGregor confronts Stephen Espinoza of Showtime in Toronto [Getty Images]
McGregor has already told reporters, fans and UFC president Dana White that his next fight will be the Octagon. After that remains unclear.

Earlier this year, White revealed that McGregor had four fights left on his UFC contract and he expected it to be honoured. White commented:

“Let me tell you what, there are a lot of contracts out there, no matter what business you are in – UFC or whatever – and it’s pretty tough to get out of a contract.

“And if that’s what Conor wants to do, he’s got four fights left. He’s got four fights left with the UFC. Fight your four fights and, you know, go out and do what you want to do.”

We always suspected this would not be a flash in the pan from the Dubliner.