"It would be a travesty if you don't make this happen" - Ariel Helwani demands Katie Taylor Croke Park fight 2 weeks ago

"It would be a travesty if you don't make this happen" - Ariel Helwani demands Katie Taylor Croke Park fight

A speech that would rouse a nation.

One of the biggest faces in MMA has had his say on the possibility of Katie Taylor fighting in Croke Park before her retirement.


Canadian journalist Ariel Helwani, one of the biggest names in the sport, sat down with JOE to discuss what it would be like if the fight failed to materialise.

"The blood is on your hands. Do not mess this up. It would be a travesty, it would be criminal, dare I say, if you don't make this happen.

"If Katie Taylor's career comes and goes and you do not move mountains to have her fight at Croker - one of your own, who might be the purest, most beloved athlete on the planet. Not a single skeleton in her closet, not a single detractor, not a single hater, not a single slip up."

Taylor takes on Chantelle Cameron this Saturday in Dublin's 3Arena in an eagerly-anticipated homecoming fight for the Irish sporting legend. The 36-year-old is undefeated in her professional career and a world champion across two different weight divisions.

"She has represented your country on the grandest stage possible," continued Helwani in his impassioned speech. "Olympic games, headlined Madison Square Garden, defended her belts all over the world - and you have this incredible stadium right here and you are not moving things, rescheduling things, opening the obstacles, everything to allow her to come in and fight in front of her people and in front of young women."



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While the homecoming fight is sure to be a huge occasion, fans and industry promoters alike were left with a sour taste in their mouths after the attempt to host an event in Croke Park came to nothing due to the unrelenting demands of the GAA.

"You have one of your own who is, dare I say, one of the most beloved athletes on the planet pound for pound and you're not doing anything. It actually blows my mind that they're not doing everything in their power for her to fight at Croker.


"I will never step foot in this country again and that will be on you if her career comes and goes without her fighting at Croke Park."

Katie discussed the Croke Park debacle herself with JOE in an interview this week. However, her mind is firmly set on enjoying the 3Arena fight on Saturday.


"It's incredible that after 22 fights I'm finally making my homecoming fight. Big time boxing is finally coming back to Ireland."

You can watch Katie's full interview with JOE below.

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