Amy Broadhurst explains how Katie Taylor can beat 'tough nut' Chantelle Cameron 3 weeks ago

Amy Broadhurst explains how Katie Taylor can beat 'tough nut' Chantelle Cameron

"Katie has more to offer."

Amy Broadhurst knows better than most what Katie Taylor is capable of, and explains how she can beat 'tough nut' Chantelle Cameron in their rematch.


Broadhurst is hoping to qualify for the 2024 Olympics and follow in the footsteps of her hero, Taylor, who won gold back in 2012, so to say that the young boxer is a fan, would be an understatement.

More than that, she is also her peer, as Taylor brought Broadhurst in to help her train for undisputed world title fight against Amanda Serrano last year, knowing that the amateur world champion will be the perfect dance partner to help sharpen her tools.

What it's like getting in the ring against Katie Taylor.

Katie Taylor


Speaking exclusively to SportsJOE as an ambassador for the Nike and Dove Body Confident Sports programme, to help build body confidence in girls, Broadhurst reveals what it's like getting into the ring with her hero.

"When I got that email (to spar Taylor) I was just like 'Jeaney Mac, how am I going to fair over here against Kate Taylor?' She is a trail blazer for women's boxing, has encouraged so many female boxers to get involved, and I was kind of scared going over.

"The first spar I did good in the first six rounds, and then I died off, but after that then it was a very competitive spar. The feedback I got from her was amazing and to hear those things from Katie Taylor was something that really boosted my confidence, and lead to the snowball to start rolling and 2022 just went from there then.

"Her speed (surprised her the most). I knew she was fast, but you don't really know how fast she is until you get in there. She throws a good body shot as well - like she's not a power puncher, but when she lands a proper punch you can really feel it and that's probably one thing as well that took me by surprise."


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When it comes to picking sparring partners, you try and select one who has similar skills and attributes to the opponent that you are preparing to fight, so for the Serrano fight, the Dundalk native was perfect.

They were even going to bring her back in until an injury meant that the fight was cancelled.

"The Serrano rematch was meant to happen and they invited me back over, but Serrano got injured so Katie ended up fighting Chantelle instead, so I had nothing to do with that training camp or the camp she is in now.


"I do really hope that it's not the same as last time, I think everything went wrong for Katie last time. The pressure that was on her shoulders, coming up the weight, her hair coming out - I just think nothing was really in her favour that night.

Amy Broadhurst explains how Katie Taylor can beat 'tough nut' Chantelle Cameron.

Katie Taylor

"I don't think she can get in and perform the way she did the last time. I think she is going to be more prepared this time, and the atmosphere, and pressure that comes with fighting at the 3Arena."

The Bray brawler was the favourite going into the first fight, but this time, after Cameron's incredible performance last time in Dublin, people aren't quite as confident.


Broadhurst however believes that Taylor will win the fight, as long as she sticks to her boxing and doesn't get sucked into a brawl.

"This is just my opinion, but when it comes to boxing, if you put (Cameron) in an amateur fight, I don't think she would be world champion. I think when it comes to boxing, and the technical, and the speed, Katie has more to offer.

Katie Taylor

"I just think that Chantelle is just a tough nut. She will take punches for fun and just keep coming, and that's what makes her so good as a pro.

"Katie needs to box more. It was the same with Serrano, when she was boxing Serrano she was winning handy enough, and then she just decided to plant her feet and go toe to toe, and that could have been what went wrong with her.

"Again with Chantelle Cameron, she stood toe to toe, she wasn't really using her boxing skills and I think if she comes into the rematch and she boxes clever, I can't see Chantelle beating her."

Dove Ambassador and Amateur Boxer Amy Broadhurst said "My hope is that the Dove Body Confident Sport programme will do the same, helping other coaches and mentors to create an environment where girls can pursue their dreams with confidence and determination.”

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