Urijah Faber says he'd be well up for fighting Conor McGregor in Ireland 8 years ago

Urijah Faber says he'd be well up for fighting Conor McGregor in Ireland

Former WEC champion Urijah Faber looks like he's gunning for a fight against Conor McGregor

Faber is doing media work for his upcoming fight against former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar in May when the promotion heads to the Philippines.


The winner of the featherweight contest will be thrust right into the title frame following Conor McGregor's bout against current 145 lb king Jose Aldo in July. So it is unsurprising that McGregor's name cropped up during a recent interview Faber did for Submission radio.

The California Kid explained that he was offered a big money title fight against his training partner and first ever UFC champion from Team Alpha Male, TJ Dillashaw, but he opted to make another run at featherweight instead.

'You know I had a strange call from Dana [White] that threw out a scenario of fighting for the belt with TJ and I turned it down. I don’t turn down fights, it’s not my thing, but it would be kind of weird if I fought TJ at 135.'

Faber, a notoriously shrewd businessman, hinted that he would only be interested in taking 'big fights' after moving up a division. He confessed that if he wasn't granted another shot against Aldo, he would be open to taking on a certain charismatic Irishman inside the Octagon. Especially if the fight were to take place in an Irish stadium.


'So if I could get another shot at 145 or even I feel like a fight with McGregor is a big fight right now. I’d do that in a heartbeat. If he wants to go to Ireland, I’ll be the heel in Ireland in front of 90,000 folks. Either way I’m good for anything.'

The 35-year-old veteran admitted being a fan of McGregor's fighting style, particularly his perpetually underrated grappling prowess.

'I like it. I like his fighting style, he's got a great fighting style. We haven’t really seen him, especially with his grappling. His grappling seems pretty good though. I don’t know how he’d deal against a great wrestler, but he definitely has some great movement, some great stand up.'

He was also very complimentary of the Dubliner's personality, which he believes is not just a media persona. He praised McGregor for his ability to self promote, and implied that he would be looking forward to a trash-talking battle with him should they ever get matched up.


'As far as personality goes, I think he’s a good guy. I don’t think he’s being fake which I like. You know there’s guys that talk a big talk and are being a character, but they're not being real, and I feel like that’s really who he is, and I think that’s fine.

'He believes in himself, he’s got quick wit. You know, I’ll do some dancing with the guy if it ever gets to that, but I enjoy it. I think he’s good.'

Much like Rory MacDonald, McGregor's profile now means he's got to worry about fighters from other divisions moving up and calling him our.

To listen to the full interview with Faber, check out the video embedded below.