UFC champ TJ Dillashaw is extremely confident he'd beat Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo no problem 8 years ago

UFC champ TJ Dillashaw is extremely confident he'd beat Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo no problem

One thing's for sure, TJ Dillashaw isn't short of confidence.

The UFC bantamweight champion is already setting his sights on becoming a two-division belt-holder.


Speaking on Submission radio, the 135lb champ revealed he would relish the opportunity to take on the winner of UFC 189 somewhere down the line.

“I would love to do a champion vs. champion fight. That’s my next goal. The goal was to become best in the world in my weight class and I’ve done it."

While being a double-UFC champ is the ultimate dream, Dillashaw admitted that his focus is still on his upcoming title defence against Renan Barao. Dillashaw shocked the world when he scored a fourth-round knockout against the Brazilian at UFC 173 to claim the title, and Barao has been granted the opportunity to win his belt back.

"I need to obviously stay dominant and hold my belt and continue to do so, but I would love to in the future fight champion vs. champion and go up a weight class and do that. That’s my main goal now."


Dillashaw KO

So, how does he see a fight between himself and Conor McGregor panning out? Unsurprisingly, the uber-confident Team Alpha Male member reckons a bout against the much bigger Irish man would play to his strengths.

In fact, he also believes that he could do what teammate Chad Mendes failed to do on two times of asking and also beat the long-standing featherweight champion.

"Obviously I’m going to believe in myself and I’m going to win that fight. I feel that I can hold my own with [McGregor] striking."

"I know that he’s a big 145 pounder so his reach will give me a little bit of trouble, but you know, to work my way in and use my wrestling pedigree. I think I’d be able to wear him out and keep him guessing and I would win that fight against McGregor or Aldo."


"Whoever is going to win the fight, I would beat either of them.”

Whatever you say, TJ...

McGregor One Punch KO

Jose Aldo knee KO


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