VIDEO: Nate Diaz reveals how he trash-talked Conor McGregor as he closed in on victory 7 years ago

VIDEO: Nate Diaz reveals how he trash-talked Conor McGregor as he closed in on victory

Nate knew when the tide had turned.

Nate Diaz has been rightly trumpeting his surprise victory over Conor McGregor and he has revealed that once he got on top he knew the end was near for the Notorious - and he made sure he let the Dubliner know it too.


Having been on top for most of the first round and a half, McGregor got rocked by a sweet straight left from Diaz and from that point on, the American said he 'knew it was a wrap'.

Speaking to Fox Sports 1 after the fight, Diaz admitted he had to reassure his corner after round one, but that he quickly knew which way the fight would go.

"My corner came in and were saying 'Do this, do that', but I was like, 'I just gotta make sure I get warmed up this round, I could push for four more rounds'," Diaz said.

"I didn't have a camp so I knew I'd have a slow first round, but when it started to turn around, I saw the beginning of the end and I just started telling him: 'Oh ----, it's only going to get worse from here!'


"In the first he had his things to say, but in my head I was saying 'It's alright, it's alright, next round I'm gonna be here too'.

"When the next round started, it came quicker than I thought, and when I started landing shots, I was like 'this is a wrap, you ain't going no farther than this'.

"Then I had him on the cage and I was like: 'You don't have much to say now, do you?' Then I put a knee in his stomach and I heard him go 'Uhhhhh', and I was like 'Yeahhhh'.

"Then all of a sudden he was shooting for a takedown and I was like 'Oh, you're a wrestler now!' Remember I'm the black belt in jiu jitsu, and you're shooting on me now? So me and you know this is a wrap."


Watch the full interview below: