Dustin Poirier feels Aisling Daly's walkout trumped UFC's biggest event 7 years ago

Dustin Poirier feels Aisling Daly's walkout trumped UFC's biggest event

The "crazy" fight fans at UFC Dublin have clearly had a lasting impact on Dustin Poirier.

The top lightweight was scheduled to fight in the main event at Fight Night 76, but the fight was scrapped after Joseph Duffy suffered a concussion during sparring.


Despite not competing at the event, Poirier was in attendance at Fight Night 76. He explained during an appearance on the MMA Hour that he was blown away by the impassioned Irish support in the 3 Arena.

“That was one of the craziest crowds that I’ve ever been in front of. I’ve read stuff about them saying about what happened last time they were in Dublin and how crazy the crowd was."

“But when Ais Daly came out to fight and The Cranberries were playing I had chills on my arms the way the crowd were standing up and singing every word.

“Man, that was something special. I’ve never been in a building that felt like that.”

Poirier that he was at the Rogers Centre in Toronto for the UFC's largest ever event, UFC 129. 55,724 Canadian fans roared Georges St-Pierre to victory against Jake Shields at the gargantuan event, but Poirier feels that the reception Daly got was even better.

“That being said I was there when GSP fought Jake Shields and there were 40-50,000 people in there. It was crazier than that, for me, the feeling."

“Everybody was in sync and on point and you could just feel the energy. It was a different atmosphere that I’d never been in front of.”


Judging by those comments, we may see "The Diamond" back in Dublin to fight in the future.