Conor McGregor reveals he confronted Urijah Faber after "mangled-looking Irish" comment 5 years ago

Conor McGregor reveals he confronted Urijah Faber after "mangled-looking Irish" comment

Conor McGregor made it very clear that he'll fight Urijah Faber, but only if he earns it first.

The former WEC champion came under fire after his controversial comments about Irish men on Team Alpha Male radio.

Faber suggested that McGregor was like "a model" in Ireland in comparison to the rest of the male population.

"I’ve seen some hot Irish women but all the dudes over there are pretty mangled looking.

"Conor, just not having freckles and bright red hair makes him like a super male model over there.

"The ability to not have a face full of freckles and red hair steps his game up tremendously in Ireland. They’ve got a hero and he’s good."

Faber's training partner and the current UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw also engaged in some McGregor bashing earlier this year.

When McGregor's title fight against Jose Aldo was announced, Dillashaw suggested that the Irish man had skipped the queue and was undeserving of a crack at the belt.

"I don’t agree with Conor McGregor getting a title shot, especially after beating Dennis Siver, if he does. Why is that deserving of a title shot? Dennis Siver is not on the way up; he’s not up there looking for a title shot himself."

Conor McGregor revealed at the last leg of the UFC 189 World Tour in Dublin that he confronted the Team Alpha Male duo backstage at a recent event over their trash-talk.

"I spoke with (Chad Mendes) team-mate, Urijah (Faber). He was talking shit as well. Him and his little buddy TJ (Dillashaw)."

He recalled telling the pair that he will defeat Jose Aldo and claim the UFC belt, which is something Faber failed to do back in the WEC days. Faber was well-beaten by Aldo who took home the unanimous decision victory at WEC 48 in 2010.

"I'm going to make it look easy. I'm going to do what none of them could do at Team Alpha Male."

When asked if he was open to fighting Faber in a sort of grudge match, McGregor agreed that he would, but only if Faber proves his worth.

"He's (Faber) in line for a number one contender fight. Frankie's the number one contender. I said 'if you can win, I said, I wish you well, if you win, we'll do it."

One thing's for sure, McGregor won't be short of opponents after the Aldo fight.