The All-Star 15 of the best hurlers over the last five years 4 months ago

The All-Star 15 of the best hurlers over the last five years

Today's heroes quickly become yesterday's news.

On the day the All-Stars are announced, you're guaranteed to hear complaints that the selection was skewed, swayed and biased towards the teams that made it to the final and that the heroics that went before are way too readily forgotten about.

It happens every single year. Wexford hurling folk have been saying it, so have all the Ulster football counties.

And if that's the case in the space of a year, just imagine how much water goes under the bridge in two, three, four or even five.

One bad year, heck, one bad game can bring a lad's reputation down in a world where everybody is only as good as their last one.

And while it's a great honour of win an All-Star, it's a more accurate reflection of a player's greatness if they've kept up those standards for four or five.

We thought about the best hurlers in Ireland over the last five years, and here's our selection.

1 Eoin Murphy (Kilkenny)

The best in the business, one of the best ever. A mainstay since 2013, a mainstay for years to come.

2 Noel Connors (Waterford)

Sticky, cute, aggressive and barely ever lets Waterford down.

3 Daithí Burke (Galway)

It's easy to forget that, prior to his breakthrough in 2014, full back was Galway's Achilles heel. Now it's their strongest line and that's all because of the Turloughmore man.

4 Cathal Barrett (Tipperary)

Has an insatiable will to win the ball. Then when he wins it there's no stopping him. From 2014 to 2016 he was imperious. Struggled in 2017 and 2018 but he's back to his best now.

5 Padraig Walsh (Kilkenny)

Has been full back for the last two but for three years, Walsh was the most giddy, galloping half back hurling has seen since his brother Tommy.

6 Padraic Maher (Tipperary)

Tipperary's Mr. Consistent. Dominates to the extent that teams would have to be foolish to go into a game against Tipp without planning to keep it away from the Thurles man at centre back.

7 Cillian Buckley (Kilkenny)

We had Tadhg De Búrca down for this position, but on balance, it's hard to argue that he's been better than Cillian Buckley. One of the finest physical specimens in hurling, he wins high balls and he wins low balls and there's no better man to drill a ball into his forward line.

8 Colm Galvin

There's absolutely nothing between two men for this position.

First we had Jamie Barron but we ended up with Clare's Colm Galvin.

Tireless, efficient, class.

9 David Burke (Galway)

Has been a key player for Galway since 2009. His influence increasing with every passing year. Scores points, sets up scores clears from his own full back line.

10 Tony Kelly (Clare)

In full-flight, there hasn't been a better hurler to watch than Tony Kelly.

11 TJ Reid (Kilkenny)

The most effective hurler in Ireland over the last five years.

So strong, so skilful, so reliable. Such a leader.

12 Joe Canning (Galway)

Scaling similar heights to TJ.

Bizarre that, while he won his only Hurler of the Year award in 2017, he was even better in 2018.

13 Patrick Horgan (Cork)

Just about shades John Conlon for this spot. Gets in ahead of the Clare man because he's been at the top of his game for longer.

Gifted doesn't even cover the half of it.

14 Seamus Callanan (Tipperary)

For most of 2015 and all of 2016, there was no better forward in the country. Has it all - from pace to size to skill. 2018 was a tough one for him, with a back injury curtailing his year but he's looking good in pre-season again for Tipperary.

15 John McGrath (Tipperary)

If you were to tot up how many wides this man has hit in the last five years, you'd probably still be looking at the same hand. The most efficient forward around, just edges Harnedy.

So here it is, tell us why you don't agree.