"He was back on the field within a minute later" - Henry sets it straight 5 months ago

"He was back on the field within a minute later" - Henry sets it straight

Imagine Davy Fitz had done what Gregory Kennedy did.

He'd be labelled a national embarrassment, a disgrace and all of these things. But because Kennedy has a lower profile than someone like the Clare man, he's spared of the outrage.

The Dublin selector's actions at the weekend were appalling and even though he hasn't been scorched by the mad mob on social media, he's surely in line to have the book thrown at him over the coming days.

With TJ Reid lining up a free on the 40, Kilkenny corner forward Billy Ryan stood on the 21 unmarked and sensing an opportunity. He never got the chance.

The former Loughrea and Galway hurler maintained his position in front of the Kilkenny forward and much to the ire of the home crowd, he intercepted the ball forcing the free to be re-taken.

Brian Cody gave him a tongue lashing on his way back to the line and Henry Shefflin agreed with these sentiments on The Sunday Game.

"In this instance. I think it was wrong," began Henry.

"It was unsportsmanlike. Greg has identified Billy and has gone over to mark him because the ref is talking to Chris Crummey...He shouldn't have done it, he stopped a goal scoring chance for Kilkenny."

But rather than seeing out the game in  the stands, the former Cuala selector was back running in and out and all around the Nowlan Park field within minutes.

"It was more what happened afterwards that I was more upset about. He should have been sent off like a player. He was back on going around the pitch within a minute..."

But Kennedy's actions benefited Kilkenny in the long run, according to Shefflin.

"A word that is used a lot by the GAA is respect and I don't think it was used at that moment in time...I'd say Kilkenny used it a lot at half-time," he said.

Donal Óg agreed with that.

"Maybe it's a coincidence, but you don't go poking the bear either..."

He'll surely regret his actions now.