UEFA hands Russia suspended disqualification from Euro 2016 5 years ago

UEFA hands Russia suspended disqualification from Euro 2016

UEFA have handed Russia suspended disqualification from Euro 2016, promising to remove the side if there is any more violence in stadiums.

The footballing body has also fined Russia €150,000


Russian fans broke through to a segregated area to charge at England supporters in the Stade Velodrome following the two team's 1-1 draw on Saturday evening.


Uefa opened disciplinary hearings against Russia on Sunday following the stadium violence, but are not believed to be pressing charges against the English FA, although we understand police will be deployed inside the Lens stadium for England's game against Wales on Thursday.


The current Euro 2016 handbook reads that if stadium violence continues, and Russia is indeed removed from the tournament, the results of Russia's matches, including the 1-1 draw with England, would be declared null and void.

UEFA's ruling comes after various reports there are a number of Russian hooligans operating in France with the sole intention of attacking football fans. A report claimed a group of 300 Russian hooligans arrived in Marseilles last weekend to conduct an organise assault involving flares, MMA gloves and other fighting equipment.


At least 19 British people have been hospitalised following last weekend's fan violence, with four in a critical condition.