How Conor McGregor quotes compare with 10 other Irish sportspeople 5 years ago

How Conor McGregor quotes compare with 10 other Irish sportspeople

We don't like getting ahead of ourselves here in Ireland.

You don't talk things up, you don't talk about your strengths or other people's weaknesses. You just don't talk.


Especially not to the media.

The trick is to say 'lookit' as much times as possible and hopefully that fills in enough minutes for the dictaphones shoved in your face.

Conor McGregor is an oasis of self-confidence in a country of self-deprecation.

And, when you compare his quotes to other Irish sporting personalities, it really ticks you off thinking off some of the garbage you are constantly reading elsewhere when, in reality, you've learned nothing.

Here's how McGregor's musings stack up with his compatriots on a number of topics.

1. The opponent



Martin O'Neill: I think we could've chosen an easier group. We've been drawn in the toughest group.

Conor McGregor: My mind is absolutely bullet proof, solid as a rock. I am number one. So, if you are number one, who gives a shit if number two steps out in place of number three?

2. The threat

Eamonn Fitzmaurice 5/7/2015

Eamonn Fitzmaurice: Kildare's form over the last couple of weeks has been very good. They’ll be dangerous opposition next weekend. I know within the Kildare camp there is no fear and they are probably saying ‘bring on Kerry’. They have a fearlessness and that can be very dangerous.


Conor McGregor: I am going to kill this man across from me. He's a little 5'2" twerp. He should've kept his mouth shut. And I'm going to slap the face off him.

3. The reward


Padraig Harrington: Better off being in contention and finishing 20th than shooting 66 on a Sunday to finish 20th.


Conor McGregor: I've taken gold. It would not matter if it was Jose or it was Chad, this was my belt, this was my night.

4. The anticipation


Jackie Tyrrell:  If we get a good panel and a spirit going and go out and do the business, we’ll be there or thereabouts.


Conor McGregor: I'm waiting patiently to pull the trigger. We've done a lot of build up to this so, when I go inside that octagon, I'm going to pull the trigger and eliminate my opponent. I'm going to enjoy every damn second of it.

5. The attitude


Keith Earls: I am just keeping my head down at the moment. I got a few tries as well but I can’t get too far ahead of myself.

Conor McGregor: I look damn good, that's what I do. Honestly, my two favourite things, looking good and whooping ass.

6. The task


Joe Schmidt: It's going to be very hard in Wales.

Conor McGregor: His facial structure will be rearranged.

7. The weaknesses


Roy Keane: Every team can be got at. Do you expect me to tell you...

Conor McGregor: I feel he is a novice on his feet. He swings the overhand, looks at the floor, closes his eyes and hopes for the best. Even his wrestling entries, I don't see smoothness in the wrestling exchanges. And when I look at him compete and I look at him train, I see fatigue, I see inefficiency and, when that happens against me, you are in a lot of trouble.

8. The hype

Wayne McCullough 14/1/2009

Conor McGregor: We've never been on this stage before. We're on this stage two years and we already own it. This is the biggest fight ever.

Wayne McCullough: Carl [Frampton] fought a nobody and struggled, pulling himself off the canvas twice against a non-puncher and then made excuses.

9. The analysis

Jim Gavin 2/8/2015

Jim Gavin: They'll come into this game with absolutely no fear. They'll come to win.

Conor McGregor: I learned what I already knew, that he's petrified.

10. The misquotes


Conor McGregor: No, I believe all of those are facts. I believe he has a pea-shaped head. If you look at his head, it's shaped like a pea. It's a weird-looking head. As far as I'm concerned, they're facts. Cub does look like Hans Moleman. If you look at Hans Moleman, then look at Cub, they look similar. Again, these are facts. If they're not facts, then prove to me that they're not facts.

Jon Walters: Poor journalism. Stringing together quotations and taking them out of context to fit a story.