We can all learn from Conor McGregor's trash-talking technique 11 months ago

We can all learn from Conor McGregor's trash-talking technique

You can be mouthy all you want, but it's all about being mouthy at the right time.

Sport is full of trash-talkers, be they the 'sledgers' of the GAA world, or the most famous trash talkers of all in the likes of Conor McGregor and other fighters.

It's a ploy that involves spouting some sort of abuse at your opponent that is designed to get inside their heads, to worry them and crucially to take their mind off the job they should be doing.

We all have the opinion of Conor McGregor that he'd never shut up, that he'd be taunting his opponent, that he'd be constantly on their case.

Conor McGregor

According to his Tyrone sparring partner Tiernan Bradley, McGregor is much more methodical in his approach.

He doesn't just spout at his opponents for no reason, he picks his moments carefully, and you can imagine that when he says something, it will be of value.


It makes sense, too. If you're constantly taunting a man and not relenting in your approach to triumph by verbal warfare, he will see right through you, and will just stop paying any attention.

Bradley, in a revealing column with The Irish News told how McGregor reacted to the now departed Paulie Malignaggi mouthing at him during sparring.

Bradley was impressed, and so are we.

"Paulie came out smack talking from the start, he was saying ‘wipe that smirk off your face’ because Conor was smiling at him, that kind of thing.

"Conor stayed very professional; Paulie was saying stuff and then getting hit. Conor chose his moments to talk back. There are tactics to mental warfare too, knowing when to talk, and then there’s stupidity."

Your mouth is worth a lot to you, pick and choose your moments to use it carefully.